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This manual has been realised by El kapinou

• Becoming citizen and managing the citizen account

There are three ways to register and obtain a citizen account :

  • By clicking the Register Now button in the browser
    This way, you can purchase your citizen account for only 6.95$ per month or 69.95$ per year.
    Fees will be added for bank- and exchange commission.
  • Thru the Active Worlds web site
    Same as for purchasing thru the Active Worlds browser but only for the purchase of citizen accounts renewable per year.
  • At Alterlinks in our citizen account section

    Yearly fee, taxes included : around 50 Euros.

    You can pay in Euros thus without any bank fees and exchange commission if you are within the European Union.
    If you are in France, you can also pay by cheque.

    With Alterlinks, your bankinformation is not stored on our servers, not even brought to our attention at any moment and are exchanged directly between you and our bank using the secure SSL protocol.

Benefits of an Active Worlds citizen account :
  • Access to a one-time offer to obtain a small free virtual world (p10) with limited options during 30 days or even obtaining your very own Active Worlds virtual world.
  • Unique username
  • You can access all non-private virtual worlds that appear in the worlds list.
  • Access to all available avatars in a virtual world
  • You can build in a certain number of existing virtual worlds.
  • Your constructions can no longer be destructed.
  • You can add contacts to your list, exchange files, discuss with these contacts thru a messaging system called Telegrams and join them wherever they might be.
  • Authorise or deny everyone or only certain persons of your choice to send you telegrams or files.
  • Authorise or deny everyone or only certain persons of your choice to join you.
  • Display yourself as invisible towards everyone else or only to certain persons of your choice.
  • Access to AFK (Away From Keyboard) mode

Configure a citizen account :

The citizen account can be configured from "Options/citizen".

You then have the possibility to configure your account in the following window :

Name : your username

Number : the citizen number that has been attributed to your account will be displayed here

Password and confirmation : the password of your citizen account

Email address : your email address. Choose it with care, see Security for more information

Home Page : the URL of your webpage. Optional field.

Privilege password : password which allows a third person to obtain the same rights as your own citizen account. Useful when for instance building with several people in the same location. Even if this privilege password gives the same rights as holds your own citizen account, both have a completely different purpose and the Privilege password should not be confused with the citizen account password.
The privilege password should be different from the citizen account password.
In short, the privilege password is useful to borrow your account rights temporary without the risk of losing your citizen account.

Immigrated : displays the date as of which your citizen account became active.

Renew by : displays the date at which your citizen account should be renewed. When your citizen account approches the expiration date, you will be informed by messages which display in the chat window. You do not need to worry about the expiration date if you connects at least once per 15 days.

Total time online : displays the total online time since the creation of the citizen account.

Eventhough it is not mandatory as yearly citizen account memberships are not automatically renewed, you can always cancel your citizen account at the official Active Worlds homepage.

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