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• Dialogs - chat - avatars and animations

Fully render the "n" nearest avatars :
Owners of a frequently visited world can make available a special avatar which will be light (very few number of polygones) and which will always remain static to reduce the number of 3D calculations for their visitors.
If you often visit this type of virtual world, you can configure, in function of the performances of your computer system, the number of avatars close to you which you would like to render fully, leaving those further away with the special, static avatar.
Worlds which find themselves in a situation where this option is useful are very few, making this option unnecessary for most virtual worlds.
Indeed, with exception of some worlds belonging to Active Worlds, seldom it happens that a large number of visitors are present at the same time and thus the chance that avatars find themselves in the same spot.

Chat log :
Allows to save the chat text automatically into a file at the location of your choice.
Example : C:\MyChat\chat.txt
If you do not specify a specific location to save the chat text, the file will be saved in the installation directory of your Active Worlds browser.
One chat session will not overwrite an other one, when this option is checked you can rapidly find yourself with a saved text file of some Megabytes in some weeks time.

Display chat text above avatars :
Will display chat text above the avatar who wrote the message.

Use "Comic style" chat balloons :
Will display chat text written in a "comic style" text balloon above the avatar who wrote the message.

Identify new messsages after scroll back :
Displays text in a different color to advertise the arrival of new messages at the place from where you scrolled back, after a short leave from keyboard for instance ( AFK ).

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