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This manual has been realised by El kapinou

• Optimise the browser performance

Attempt to keep the frame rate at or near (in images per second) :
Make multiple tries to find the best graphical performce corresponding to your computer system.

But don't let the visibility drop below :
Minimum desired visibility in meters.

Show multiple avatar types :
Display all user's avatar types present in your visibility range or display all user's avatars as the first avatar from the list, ignoring the current avatar they use. Allows to reduce the performance needed for 3D calculations, especially within crowded worlds.

Show avatar animations :
Play or not the avatar animations. When unchecked, avatars will remain static, for the same reason as indicated above.

Limit frame rate to a maximum of about :
Indicate the level of synchronisation which you do not want to exceed.

Use texture mipmaps :
When checked, you lower the texture quality. Even if the reason for this option seems obvious, it often results in poor quality rendered textures, especially for objects in the foreground. "Mipmaps" simply doesn't render all pixels of a texture but smoothens a part between them. Only for those with a personal taste for poorly rendered textures, we advise to only check this option if you are using a really slow computer system.

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