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• Language configuration, local path and icons

After to have set your preferences for the language, you can also set wheter or not you would like to display error messages in the chat window which could occur when files can not be download (broken links) or files which contain errors within .RWX objects.

The checkbox "CD-ROM" still dates from the time that Active Worlds was distributed on CD.
Those of you who would like to test their own work (creation of objects for instance) and who have their own world can enter here a local path which respects the online architecture (domain/subdirectories).
Example :
Your world is hosted with Alterlinks. You can create a directory called "localpath" on for instance your harddisk.
In the directory "localpath" create a subdirectory called ""
In "" create again a new subdirectory which you will give the name of your world in which you will need to create again all subdirectories as the same structure as on your FTP space : a subdirectory "models", a subdirectory "avatars", a subdirectory "textures", etc...
Finally, in the Advanced options window, enter "C:\localpath" (without the quote marks).

Even if the local path functions for visualizing objects without the need to connect, tests made by our team were not conclusive. Indeed, many manipulation options do no longer work in local mode since Active Worlds version 3.4.

Displaying of errors is not very useful for regular visitors : this option displays objects that do not load, due to reasons that only worldowners can resolve.

Toolbar :
Allows to modify the theme of icons present in the toolbar and in other locations. See also icons of this manual to learn how to personalise your Active Worlds browser.

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