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This manual has been realised by El kapinou

• Like Captain Picard in space, teleport yourself thru Active Worlds !

The teleport options allow you to move yourself from one spot to an other, within the same virtual world but also from one virtual world to an other. Fans of Star Trek will directly understand where the teleport function is all about ;-)

There are several ways to move yourself by teleportation, the two main ways are :

Forward and Back : Equivalent to buttons back and forward of your WEB browser, with exception that here it concerns teleportation.

To : Displays a small window in which you can type directly the name of a world and exact coordinates where you would like to go.

Home : Return to your "home" or start position.

Make this my home : Memorise the current position as your new home. You will then enter Active Worlds exactly here at this point at each start of your Active Worlds browser.

Remember : Add this exact position to your favorites so you will be able to return here with a simple mouse click. Your favorites are stored in a text file called teleport.txt which is located in the installation directory of your Active Worlds browser.

When right-clicking in the empty space of this window you will find more or less the same options as described above. You can then return to one of your favorite locations, rename, etc...

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