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Free Mail POP3 SMTP WEB and WAP

Alterlinks offers free e-mail accounts, which can be accessed by POP3 SMTP WEB and WAP.
Your received and sent mails are automatically protected by a powerful anti-virus which is updated daily.
Our webmail interface offers plenty of options.

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Free Textures, backdrops, RWX objects, etc...

On this website you will find free textures, backdrops, RWX files and others available for download for use in your virtual world at no charge.

The free textures as well as the free backdrops, are all seamless and compatible with Virtual Worlds.

If you are yourself a creator of RWX or COB files, you can use the opportunity to make your work known by using our upload form.

Every file displayed online allows you to display a link to your website, the name of your virtual world if you own one as well as your citizenname (optional).

Free textures Free RWX and COB Free backdrops

Forums Alterlinks

Several specific forums are available, a Virtual Worlds forum included.
If you're looking for a technical answer or just exchanging creative ideas, you might find here where you're looking for.

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