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• The list of virtual worlds Active Worlds

The name of each world is prefixed with an icon which informs the user to which kind of public the world addresses itself :

  • G - All ages
  • PG - Children under supervision
  • 13 - age 13 and over
  • R - Not advised for children
  • X - Adults only

Simply click on a world name to teleport to the selected world.
Worlds of which the icon appears in gray are private worlds. You will need authorisation of the caretaker (owner) to obtain access.

When right-clicking with the mouse you can obtain different display options for the world list :

Display or not the private worlds.
Display or not worlds which have currently no visitors (empty worlds).

When clicking on "Connected" will display the worlds in order of the number of visitors in the worlds.
When clicking on "Worlds" (not to be confused with the tab itself) will re-establish the world list in alphabetical order.

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