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This manual has been realised by El kapinou

• Change the icons of your Active Worlds browser and create your own theme

By default, only some themes are proposed under which the classic theme which corresponds to the appearance of the Active Worlds versions before v3.5.

The files needed to modify the icons can be found in the directory \default\toolbars in the installation directory of your Active Worlds browser, usually C:\Active Worlds\default\toolbars

If you only want to modify the already exisiting icons, you can simply duplicate the default image default.bmp, rename it into the name you wish to give to your theme and modify the images by using a graphical tool like Photoshop, respecting the existing template (position of the current images). The size of the icons does not really matter, but they do need to have a square shape.

Save your newly created .BMP file, open the Advanced tab and your theme will appear in the list.

If you wish to personalise by creating new icons, you will need to modify the file toolbar.cfg with a text editor.

To be able to recover from eventual misstakes, think always about making backups before any modification.

• The file toolbar.cfg :

The position of the icons is stored in the file toolbar.cfg. The file indicates which commands are available in the toolbar and which icon corresponds to which command.

Each line represents an icon and contains the command each icon should trigger, followed by the the colomn number of the toolbar (its position).
If needed, the message number of the help text displayed when the mouse is moved over it. You will find these messages prefixed by their number in the files .AWM corresponding to the chosen language.

• List of commands which you can assign to an icon :

In english :
  • exit
  • forward
  • back
  • home
  • teleport_set_home
  • remember
  • look_up
  • look_down
  • look_level
  • first_person
  • third_person
  • world_features
  • world_rights
  • world_ejections
  • show_downloads
  • show_tabs
  • show_gestures
  • show_web
  • show_whisper
  • show_cell_grid
  • login_citizen
  • login_tourist
  • privileges
  • web_back
  • web_forward
  • web_stop
  • web_refresh
  • help
  • about
  • options_controls
  • camera_locked
  • camera_chase
  • camera_front
  • contacts_tab
  • worlds_tab
  • users_tab
  • telegrams_tab
  • teleports_tab
  • help_tab
  • search_tab
  • voip_tab
  • afk
  • mouse_move
  • build_mode
  • screen_shot
Correspondances en français :
  • Quitter
  • Avancer
  • Retour
  • Base
  • Définir la base
  • Mémoriser
  • Regarder vers le haut
  • Regarder vers le bas
  • Remettre vue à niveau
  • Caméra mode normal
  • Caméra 3ème personne
  • Propriétés monde
  • Autorisations monde
  • Ejections monde
  • Montrer téléchargements (F3)
  • Afficher les menus (F9)
  • Montrer les animations
  • Afficher WEB (F7)
  • Afficher zone murmures (F8)
  • Afficher la grille
  • Login citoyen
  • Login touriste
  • Privilèges
  • Retour WEB
  • Avancer WEB
  • Arrêter WEB en cours
  • Rafraîchir la page WEB
  • Aide
  • A propos
  • Options de contrôles
  • Bloquer caméra
  • Suivre caméra
  • Caméra face
  • Liste des contacts
  • Liste des mondes
  • Utilisateurs
  • Onglet Télégrammes
  • Onglet Téléportations
  • Onglet guide
  • Onglet Recherches
  • Onglet Chat vocal
  • Mode AFK
  • Mouvement souris
  • Mode construction
  • Capture d'écran
sdk_event is also a command but serves a particular purpose :

sdk_event [image_number] [message_number] [id_number]

image_number and message_number indicate which icon and which message entry should be used for the concerning button.

For sdk_event, all fields have to be filled, including the message number.
Eventually, a button sdk_event should be assigned to a message identifier (message ID). This can be a number in the range of 0 thru 32767.
When an user activates a button, a message will be send to the world server along with the assigned identifier which will in turn be broadcasted to all present bots which have caretaker rights.
This way, a bot can be configured so that it can interact to or with actions generated from the Active Worlds browser toolbar.
Useful for exemple for games to add actions like "Attack", "View inventory", "Lifes", "Number of Points", etc...

Note that it is inutile to add this type of commands to your toolbar if you only visit worlds or if you own a virtual world but which does not use interaction with the toolbar.

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