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• Tab General

Play background music / Play sound effects :
Play or not the background music MID and the sound effects WAV MP3.

Note : sounds are always downloaded, wheter these boxes are checked or not.
See tab Downloads to block downloads of sounds.

Play building sounds / Play telegram sound :
If you desire that a sound is played upon reception of a telegram and/or to have sounds related to build actions, you can check these boxes.
You can also use your personal sounds by replacing the default ones stored in the directory "Active Worlds\DEFAULT\SOUNDS".

Freelook mouse :
Activate the camera mode (viewing direction) by mouse.

Invert Y-axis in "freelook" mode :
Check this box in case you wish to look down when moving the mouse up and vice-versa in freelook mode.

Head Bob :
Check this box in case you desire to add a more realistic effect when walking by a camera which follows your every move.

Ignore pitch when flying/swimming :
Check this box in case you wish to disassociate your viewing direction when flying or swimming.

Show targeting cursor when in move mode :
Display the cursor when using the mouse mode.

Precise Movement :
More precise movements in mouse mode with supression of fluent movements.

Parental control section :
You can configure your Active Worlds browser to deny access to virtual worlds which could be reserved to adult contents.
These worlds will then no longer appear in the world list and will only be accessible after entering a password which you have previously configured in the field "Rating Password".
X deactivates filtering of worlds.

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