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• Optimise your browser for maximum performance and fluency

When navigation seems to be slow, assure yourself first to have choosen and configured the video mode.

Other causes of slow navigation can be the visibility range configured in the tab Performance. Indeed, a too large visibility range can require too much effort in 3D calculations from less powerful computer systems or for those who do not use the latest generation video cards.

If you're stuck in a zone with other avatars and different animations, go to the tab Performances and disactivate the options "Show multiple avatar types" and "Show avatar animations".
This will have the effect, to your eyes only, that all user avatars present will be displayed as the first avatar from the avatar list as a static avatar and ignoring the original animations they might be using (.seq).
This leads to an important reduction of 3D calculations and thus ressources for your computer system.

You can also configure your "Visibility range".
"Automatic" configures automatically configures the visibility in function of the value indicated for "images per second" in the tab Performances. "Relative" is by default activated and searches the best compromise in a visited zone in function of the number of objects.

If you choose for a fixed value (maximum of 200 meters), this value will always be used independant of the number of objects present in a zone and this for every world you visit.

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