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This manual has been realised by El kapinou

• Keyboard shortcuts

<F1> Displays the official help of Active Worlds (in english)

<F2> Activates or disactivates the navigation with the mouse

<F3> Displays or hides the files in progress of downloading (or refreshing)

<F4> Displays or hides the progress bar

<F7> Displays or hides the WEB

<F8> Displays or hides the wisper zone

<F9> Displays or hides the menu window Contacts, Worlds, Telegrams...

<F10> Displays or hides the floor grid

<F11> Displays or hides your current coordinates

<F12> Keeping this key pressed allows you to speak using VOIP (Voice over IP) in worlds which allow vocale discussion

<CTRL> + <F1> Displays or hides the menus

<CTRL> + <F2> Displays or hides the toolbar

<CTRL> + <F3> Displays or hides avatar animations

<CTRL> + <F4> Displays or hides the chat window

<PageUp> Pressing this key will make you look upwards

<PageDown> Pressing this key will make you look downwards

<End> Change camera view per key press

<CTRL> + <ENTER> Makes a Carriage Return in different (chat) windows as to where <ENTER> by itself would validate the command or current operation

<CTRL> + Mouse scroll button By clicking in the chat window and by simultaneous holding down the <CTRL> key, you can adjust the police size by using the mouse scroll button up or down.

You can also personalise the keyboard shortcuts related to navigation, camera mode, mouse, etc... here :

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