Free RWX and COB objects

All RWX objects are free for non-commercial use only.
Distribution in any form is not allowed. Objects not made by Alterlinks can be subject to other terms and conditions.
Read carefully the attached files before using the objects made available.

Even if we take care of including objects for each of you, it could be that some are unintentionally missing. We thank you in advance to inform us when you find a missing object.

The objects created by others than Alterlinks which are causing problems (file missing, defects in the object, etc...) are not under our responsibility.
It is thus useless to write us about last mentioned subjects, instead please contact the author(s) of concerning object(s).

If you would like to contribute to this new section, you can use our upload form to submit your files and add a link back to your site.

Download free RWX and COB objects

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