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• Discussion vocale - Voice over IP - VOIP

The Active Worlds browser integrates a vocale discussion function (VOIP - Voice Over IP), only available within certain worlds.
To use this function, if you have a microphone, display the menu window (<F9>) and select the Chat vocal tab, or click on the corresponding icon from the toolbar.

The left hand side shows a list of people participating in the discussion. The loudspeaker icon placed left of the usernames indicates wheter a person speaks (green icon) or not (blue icon).
The right hand side of the Voice chat window is reserved to the administration and use of the Voice chat.

Two modes are available for the Voice chat : the conference mode and the read mode. The choice between these modes is made by the moderator of a world.

In conference mode, you can speak at any time by holding down the associated key of your keyboard, by default <F12> (see Keyboard shortcuts). You can also check the box Hands Free to not to keep holding down the key. In the meantime, to protect your privacy, use the Hands Free function with caution and do not forget to switch it off when no longer needed.

By right-clicking on a participant's name, you can propose a private discussion (you will continue hearing the other participants but they will not be able to hear you) or choose to ignore the participant, in consequence you will no longer here the person up to the moment you cancel this action.
Whn you check the case "Mute other sounds", you will no longer here noises and background music from the world and you can concentrate yourself fully on the ongoing vocal chat.

In read mode, you need to ask permission from a moderator first to be able to speak. To do so, right-click in the list of the participants and choose "raise hand". The moderator can then accept or refuse your request to speak.
This mode is perfered when a large number of people participate in a vocal discussion or when for instance a meeting requires a certain organisation.

To improve the quality of your vocale discussions, certain rules of respect should be taken into account like no yelling, not interrupting when someone else speaks. It is also advised to use a headphone rather than loudspeakers to avoid echos which can lead to become annoying.

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