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• Your contact list

Available in registred mode (citizen) only, allows you to add up to 500 contacts.
Right-click with the mouse in the tab "Contacts" to add a new contact.

When right-clicking on an avatar present in a virtual world, you can also (among other options) add the person to your contact list.

To send a telegram, a file, join someone, discover a citizen number etc... from one of your contacts right-click on the username in the contact list to access the available options.

Send telegram :
Open the window to write a telegram.

Send file :
Allows to send a file to this contact.

Join :
Join yourself to this contact. You can join a contact within the same virtual world as where you currently are, as well as an other virtual world.

Invite :
Invite the contact to join you in the location where you are.

View home page :
Display the website of the contact.

Privacy options :

  • Hide my online/offline/AFK status :
    Displays permanently a questionmark, wheter you are online or not, in front of your username in the contactlist of the selected person.
  • Hide my current world :
    Do not display the name of the world where you are in the contact list of the selected person.
  • Block telegrams :
    Deny the selected person to send you telegrams.
  • Block join and invite requests :
    Deny the selected person to send you join requests or to join you.
  • Block file transfers :
    Deny the selected person to send you files.
  • Mute on sight :
    You will no longer see any messages in the chat window sent by this person.

Block contact :
Block entirely the selected person. A red cross will be displayed in front of this username in your contact list.

Remove :
Delete the selected person from your contact list.

Add new contact :
Allows you to add a new person to your contact list.

Add Blocked Contact :
Allows you to block someone directly without having to add the person first to your contact list.

Hide Blocked Contacts :
The persons that you blocked will no longer appear in your contact list.

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