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• Security, filtering options and privacy

Hide my online/offline/AFK status :
Everyone* wille see a questionmark displayed in front of your username, wheter you are online or offline, AFK mode included which is short for "Away From Keyboard".

Hide my current world :
By checking this case, the world you are currently visiting will no longer be displayed next to your username in contact lists*.

Block telegrams :
Deny to everyone* sending you telegrams.

Block join and invite requests :
Deny to everyone* joining you.

Block file transfers :
Deny to everyone* sending you files.

Confirm contact list add requests :
Check this case to be advertised by telegram when someone would like to add you to a contact list. You can then accept or refuse the request.

Confirm join requests :
Allows you to choose wheter you want to accept or refuse requests from other users who would like to join you.

Automatically leave AFK mode on keyboard activity :
Avoids to forget to signal your come-back by disactivating automatically your AFK status (Away From Keyboard) as soon as you use your keyboard again. Has no effect if you use your keyboard for other applications running in the background.

* Exceptions to these options can be applied to users of your choice. To do so, right-click the choosen username in your contact list.

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