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This manual has been realised by El kapinou

• Download and installation of Active Worlds

If you do not have the program yet, download the 3D Active Worlds browser and test it free of charge and for as long as you like.
The installation procedure only takes a couple of seconds.

If you are not sure about the type of internet connection you have, choose the automatic detection option by clicking the button "Autoconfigure".

Next, you will see the identification window :

If you already have a citizen account, you can enter the citizen name and password here.
Ifyou do not have a citizen account yet, you can obtain a citizen account here or you can enter Active Worlds as a "Tourist" by entering an username as well as an email address :

During your first visit to a virtual world in Active Worlds, do not panic if the first sight isn't very pleasant to the eyes : sand glasses will appear at first but these will be replaced by objects once the download is completing.
It might indeed take a certain time to finish downloading and caching the contents of a virtual world, this time is in function of your internet connection speed and the number of objects to be downloaded. The number and sizes (Kb) of these objects can be different between virtual worlds.

• Tips and tricks in relation to chat and discussion

While keeping pressed the <CTRL> key of your keyboard, scroll the mousewheel of your mouse up in the chat window to enlarge the text. Scrolling the mousewheel down will reduce the text size.

If for instance your username is "Robert", type /me drinks a cold soda will display "Robert" drinks a cold soda.
The /me command has a similair effect as on IRC.

Even when it is needed to click in the whisper area to write a message, it is not needed to click in the chat zone to write a message to everyone : when you move around a virtual world, the chat window is activated by default and you can simply type your text.
If you like challenges, you can even try to write while flying !

To know everything about how you can move around in an Active Worlds virtual world, see also Navigation keyboard/mouse.

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