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• Use of disk space allocated to caching

There are two ways, compatible between them, to limit the sizes allocated to caching (space used on the harddisk) : by imposing a maximum size to the disk space and by deleting cached disk space related to worlds which you have not visited since n days.

We prefere the second option.
Indeed, when you limit the disk cache to for instance 250Mb, once full, you will encounter problems visiing other worlds as you can no longer download objects which sometimes triggers side effects as "crashes" of the entire program.

If you need to empty the disk space used for caching, go to the installation directory of the Active Worlds browser and delete simply the directory called "cache".
If you only need to empty the cache for one particular virtual world, display the downloads window (<F3>), right-click on the inside and select "empty local cache" :

The contents of this virtual world will then automatically be downloaded again, which sometimes results in panic, for instance when modifications have been made to an object or to the avatar list.

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