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This manual has been realised by El kapinou

• Modify and Reorganise the layout of the Interface

The interface of the Active Worlds browser is entirely reorganisable. You can move around as you like the menus, toolbars, chat windows, WEB navigation window, ...

To move the menus and toolbars, you can simply click them at the left size and drag them to where you would like :

This way, you can place the bars to the top, bottom or to the sides, or even make them floating :

The other windows (chat, WEB, downloads and tabs) can also be moved, encrusted or floating.
Lets take the example of the WEB window which is displayed when you move the mouse pointer over the button "Web" located at the top :

Clicking on the small icon in the shape of a boardclipper of this window will have the effect of attaching permanently to the right without the need of passing the mouse pointer over the button "Web" (the boardclipper points then to the bottom).

You can then perform a drag & drop from the titlebar of this window to place it where you would like. Or you can leave the window floating somewhere or either fix it in a new spot by taking it to the indicators :

Besides moving the windows, you can also resize them as you like.
The 3D window can however not directly be resized or moved. The main window will indeed use all the space left free by the other fixed windows (the floating windows will overlap the main 3D window without resizing it).

To finish, you also have different graphical styles for the interface. To change a theme, go to the Display menu and choose one "UI Theme" from the four proposed at the bottom of this menu.
Note that the Display menu also allows you to display or hide certain elements of the interface, result which can also be obtained with keyboard shortcuts.

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