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• Am I traced when visiting Active Worlds ?

Yes (brrrrr)

But this is not much different from the traces you leave behind from surfing the Internet. (ouf !)
When visiting the worlds, information can be provided to the worldowner, same as the information your normal webbrowser is providing when you surf the net visiting websites.

The principal information is your IP address which every world can have, independant of which type of protection or firewall you may have installed on your computer system.

A worldowner has in general a file named "world.log" which records the events in that world.
In this file is indicated a timestamp, IP address of the visitor, his or her alias name, citizen number as well as the citizen number whom privileges have been acquired.

This file also records your entrypoint (coordinates) when, or rather where, you entered and the different actions you've performed, like teleportation, object clicks or sending messages.
The contents of the sent messages are not recorded in the world.log file.

Bots to monitor events in a world are also frequently used, it's not uncommon that the chat in a world is read or recorded by the owner (Note : a bot is not counted as a visitor and thus not listed in the concerning world). This only applies to the chat which is send to all (public chat).
It is not possible to know wheter or not your chat is recorded, hence it should be preferable to choose telegrams if you are a citizen or to use whispers for transmission of "sensible" information. The last option might be inaccessable for tourists in worlds where whispering is deactivated.

In general, independant of which chat methode is used, telegrams or wispers, it is advised to avoid transmission of sensible information like credit card numbers, passwords, etc...

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