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This manual has been realised by El kapinou

• How to move around in Active Worlds using a keyboard and a mouse ?

See also Teleportation.

The arrow keys of your keyboard will move you correspondingly to the gauche, the right, forward or backward.

The keys <-> (minus) and <+> (plus) of the numeric part of your keyboard will move you correspondingly up and down.

All these keys combined with the <SHIFT> key will allow you to pass thru objects (only in virtual worlds where the owner allows visitors to pass thru objects).

All these keys combined with the <CTRL> key will allow you to move at higher speeds.

The icons :

From left to right :

  • Display/hide the window worlds list, contacts, search, etc...
  • Return to your "home".
  • Go one position (teleport) back.
  • Go one position (teleport) forward.
  • Looking up per click.
  • Restore the horizontal view.
  • Looking down per click.
  • Activate the default camera view (first person view).
  • Change to next camera mode.
  • Activate mouse navigation (freelock). Click on the mousewheel to cancel mouse navigation.
  • Activate air camera mode.
  • Activate camera from the back mode.
  • Activate face camera mode.
  • Activate/deactivate the AFK icon (Away From Keyboard). Not available in tourist or free mode.
  • Activate/deactivate the build mode.
    This mode makes building easier by for instance displaying all invisible objects and by deactivating collisions.
  • Display/hide the voice chat (VOIP).
  • Display/hide the WEB contents.
  • Make a screencapture of the main 3D window.
    The obtained image is automatically saved in jpeg format in the instalation directory of your Active Worlds browser.

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