Active Worlds - WARP Command

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Function :
Used to move an avatar (slide) from one location to another within the same virtual world.

Use :
warp [world] [coordinates north/south] [coordinates east/west] [altitude A][orientation]

Details :
See command teleport. In opposite to teleport, with "warp" you do not move yourself directly from one point to an other, but you "slide" from one point to an other. This allows you to "see and enjoy the landscape" during the action.
Note : while with the "teleport" you will stop exactly at point of destination, it can happen that with "warp" you gently slide over the point of arrival, which makes this command less exact than the command "teleport".

Example :
bump warp 45N 2W 0.0A 90

Effect :
When getting into collision with the object supporting this command, you will "slide" to 45 coordinates north, 2 coordinates west, 0 meters altitude and orientated 90░.

Variante :
bump warp +4 +2 -0.1A 90

Effect :
This variation applies relative coordinates expressed in meters. In the second example, you will "slide" 4 meters to the north, 2 meters to the east, 1 meter down and orientated 90░.

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