Active Worlds - URL Command - Display a webpage or download a file

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Function :
Displays a webpage.
The display can be made either by the integrated AW navigator at the right side, either be displayed by an external navigator, or either on the inside of the 3D window of the AW browser.

The first two possibilities are depending on the characteristics of your command and the configuration of your browser.
See our guide Browser configuration for more details.

URL can be a link to the download of a file, if the address is either of type HTTP or FTP.
Note : the "target" only works if the integrated navigator is used

Use :
URL address [target=]

Details :
URL : address http or ftp
Target=aw_3d : display the contents of this page in the 3D window of the navigator.
Target= : same usage as for the "targets" HTML (blank, new, etc...)

Example :
activate URL target=aw_3d

Effect :
Opens the webpage in the 3D window of the AW navigator when object is clicked.

Example 2 :
activate URL

Effect :
Downloads myfile.exe when clicking on the object.

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