Active Worlds - The Terrain

This is an old tutorial. Available updated tutorials :
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Function :
Allows to edit the cells of the terrain, to modify the height and its textures.
To obtain this, you will need to have build rights as well as the rights to modify/adjust the terrain. To find out if you have these rights, you can right-click on your terrain. If the following window does not appear, it means that you do not have the rights to modify the terrain within the world where you currently are.

Modify the terrain Edit the Terrain Textures Terrain

Use :
The main window allows you to modify the altitude in meters of the selected cell and to apply to the selected cell one of the 64 textures present within the FTP space of the concerning virtual world.
Check the box Free if you want to leave this cell empty or if you desire to create a hole (cell invisible).
To re-select an empty cell, select first one of the neighbouring cells and move yourself towards the desired cell by use of the arrow keys of your keyboard.

The edit menu allows you to copy or paste a texture or altitude.
The texture menu allows you to orientate the applied texture of the selected cell.
Note : keyboard shortcuts are very useful here, especially when you are editing a terrain with a huge number of cells.

Textures need to be named as terrain0.jpg, terrain1.jpg, terrain2.jpg etc... up to 64 maximum and need to be present in the textures directory of the FTP space for the concerning world.

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