Active Worlds - TELEPORT Command

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Function :
Used for instananeous movements from one location to another.

Use :
teleport [worldname] [coordinates north/south] [coordinates east/west] [A] [orientation]

Details :
Worldname : to be used when the destination of the teleport action is located in an other world than the originating location.
Coordinates : 1=10m. A world with a size of for example P50, contains 50 coordinates to the north, 50 to the south, 50 to the east and 50 to the west.
A : altitude. Has to be defined in meters, remembering that 1=10 meters
Orientation : Has to be defined in degrees.

Example :
bump teleport 45N 2W 0.0A 90
Effect :
When getting into collision with the object supporting this command, you will be teleported to 45 coordinates north, 2 coordinates west, 0 meters altitude and orientated to 90░.

Variante :
bump teleport +4 +2 -0.1A 90
Effect :
This variation applies relative coordinates expressed in meters. In this second example, you will be teleported 4 meters to the north, 2 meters to the east, 1 meter down and orientated 90░.

Variante 2 :
Activate teleport MyWorld
(Replace "MyWorld" with the name of the world where you are building.)
Effect :
When clicking on this object, you will be brought to the entrance point of the virtual world, if it's located at 0N 0W or anywhere else.

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