Active Worlds - SIGN Command for your panels and signs

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Function :
Allows display of a text on specific objects which support this command.

Use :
sign [color=textcolor] [bcolor=background color] [name=name] and write the desired text in the description zone
sign [color=textcolor] [bcolor=background color] [name=name] "Your text here and between double quotes"

Details :
For first time use, it might be easier to read a sign by just passing the mousepointer over it.
color= : defines the textcolor.
bcolor= : defines the background color.
Name= : see name command.

Example :
Zone description : Entrance of the castle
Zone action : create sign color=white bcolor=black

Effect :
Displays the text "Entrance of the castle" in white on a black background, visible when rendered as well as when crossed by a mousepointer.

Note : You can also use HTML format colors without specifying the "#" character.
For instance : color=FFFFFF bcolor=000000 will have the same effect as color=white bcolor=black
To choose your colors, you can use our color convertor HTML RGB RWX.

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