Active Worlds - ROTATE Command

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Function :
The rotate command is used for rotating an object nn degrees per minute, around one or several of its 3 axis.

Use :
rotate [x] y [z] [sync OR nosync] [time=duration] [loop OR noloop] [reset OR noreset] [wait=pause] [name=name]

Details :
Its attributes are the same as for the move command, with exception of the attributes X Y Z and time.
X Y Z : values specifying the number of rotations per axis and per minute (RPM)
Time : used to rotate an object around a given angle. Does not work in loop. To find the correct value for time, divide the desired rotation angle by [6 x time in seconds desired for the action to take].

Example :
create rotate 0 4 0 time=3.75

Effect :
Rotate the object 90░ in 4 seconds around the Y axis.
Time has been calculated following above formule, thus 90░ divided by (6 x 4 seconds) = 90░ divided by 24 equals 3.75
Note : To apply an inversed rotation, specify a negative value : create rotate 0 -4 0 time=3.75

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