How does it work - Building in Active Worlds virtual worlds - basic principles ?

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Each construction starts with the duplication of an existing object, which can thereafter be changed or modified as desired. To accomplish this, right click on an object which is located close to your terrain.
The following window will appear :

Constuire sur Active Worlds
(The RWX name, citizen name and number as well as the date are shown for informative purposes and are fictional)

To make yourself more comfortable with the different icons, move the mouse over each one of them : the function of each icon is shown as the mouse pointer passes over the icon.
Click on the icon "duplicate" followed by one click on the icon "Move foreward".
Move now the object to the place where you want to place it on your terrain and rename it if you desire to place a different object than this one.

If your first attempt fails with a green message signed by "Building inspector", it means that you have placed the object on a construction which is property of somebody else. To avoid this unpleasant experience, aim wide for the first duplication.

The text you might have written in the field "text" will be displayed in a textfield when the mousepointer is moved over the object (similar to alt="text" in HTML language).
The "Action" field is without doubt the most important.
Indeed, in this field you can attribute textures and/or commands which will manipulate the object, either when clicking on it, when a collision with the object occurs, or either as soon as the object appears within viewing distance (sight).

The view distance, or sight, is by default set to 60 meters.
The owner of the world can force the view distance for their visitors, it can be set differently in different worlds.
You can also configure your own view distance under the browser's "Options/Settings/Performance" and change the value for "but don't let the visibility drop below".
See our guide Browser configuration for more details.

Good to know :

The available objects within a world are in general exposed within the same world if the world dimensions this allow. The nameconvention used for this place might variate. Some examples : "Expo RWX", "Object Gallery", "Objects rank" etc...
The texture listings are more often listed on a webpage associated with the world, to avoid forcing the visitor to download the complete list.

Object names starting with the letter "Z" are only available to people with special rights. Only the worldowner can grant this right to others.

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