Active Worlds - PICTURE Command

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Function :
Display an image.

Use :
picture URL [update=secondes] [name=name]

Details :
URL : can be of type HTTP, FTP or a local filename (local = existing file within the FTP space of the world)
Update= : defines the interval and number of seconds after which the image will reload. Often used when the URL makes reference to an image that changes frequently without changing its name, like for the use with a webcam.
Name : see command name.

Example :
activate picture

Effect :
When clicking on this object, the image cat.jpg will be displayed on the object.
Picture works only on .RWX files enhanced to support this action, like pict.rwx for example.

Note : For the reasons of author rights and usage of bandwidth, we advise to only use your own images located at your website.
Also to be noted is, same as with sounds, images are loaded by your visitor, even if they did not trigger a command to display them.

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