Active Worlds - NOISE Command

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Function :
Sound effect.

Use :
noise URL [overlap]

Details :
In opposite of the sound command, noise will play the sound over any other sound which might already be playing.
URL : can be an URL of type HTTP or FTP or the name of a sound located within the world's FTP space.
Overlap : used to specify if a noise already playing can be played multiple times simultaneous or only once at a time. For example on an object with "activate noise sound1.mid", without overlap, when clicking several times on this object, the noise will only start over once it finished playing. By adding the option "overlap", the noise will start over and over again each time when the object was clicked, even if it did not yet complete the sound in progress.

Exemple :
activate noise sound.mp3 overlap

Effect :
Play "sound.mp3" as soon as the object was clicked on, even if the the sound was already playing.
Note : supported formats are .wav, .mid and .mp3. It is important to remember that each sound applied to an object will be downloaded by the visitor, if the visitor actually played (downloaded) the sound or not.

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