Active Worlds - MOVE Command to add movements and animation to your objects

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Function :
Allows to specify a move action.

Use :
move [numeric value X Y and Z] [loop OR noloop] [sync OR nosync] [reset OR noreset] [time=duration] [wait=pause] [name=name]

Details :
X : value given to move action in width.
Y : value given to move action in heigth.
Z : value given to move action in depth.
Loop : loop effect.
Noloop : perform action only once.
Sync : synchronise action with VRT clock.
Nosync : not synchronised with VRT clock.

Note : you can display the time VRT by clicking on "Show" and "VRT clock" within your browser.
The mode "sync" allows to specify a move action which will be visible for all visitors at the same time.

Reset : places the object back in its original position after execution of the action.
Noreset : leave the object in its new position after execution of the action. Noreset is applied as default
Time : specify the execution time of the action in seconds. The default is one second.
Wait : specify the time to wait in seconds between execution of the action in mode "loop".
Name : see name command.

Example :
create move -.1 .2 .3 loop time=5 wait=3

Effect :
The object will move one meter towards the East, two meters up and three meters towards the North performed in a time of 5 seconds. After this the action will wait 3 seconds before moving back to its original position following the same course in reverse.

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