Active Worlds - LIGHT Command - unlimited possibilities with light effects

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Function :
Allows to apply light to create light-emitting objects.

Use :
light [type=type] [color=color] [brightness=brightness] [radius=radius] [name=name] [fx=effect] [time=duration] [angle=angle] [pitch=pitch]

Details :
Type : point or spot.
When not specified, Point will be applied by default. It applies a light multidirectional where spot would create an effect spot.
Color : specifies the color of the light.
Brightness : defines the intensity of the light. The higher the value, the more intens the light will be. The default value when not specified is 0.5.
Radius : specifies the action radius of the light.
Name : see name command.

Fx : defines the effect given to the light. There are seven different ones :

fx=blink :effect blinking
fx=fadein :effect progressive minimum of light to full light
fx=fadeout :effect inverse
fx=fire :effect of flames
fx=flicker :light intensity minimises for very short, random time intervals
fx=flash :only activate light for short, random time intervals
fx=pulse :combine fadein et fadeout with regular time intervals

Time : allows to specify the time of the time interval in seconds. Only valid for the effects blink, pulse, fadein and fadeout.
Angle : value only valid for light of type spot. Defines the pitch and the degrees from where the spot starts. The default value is 45.
Pitch : value only valid for light of type spot. Defines the degrees of the angle and pitch for the arrival point of the light. The default value is 0 (zero) meaning a straight line from up to down.
Note : The effects of the corona vary depending on the configuration of light and fog within a world.

Example :
activate light type=spot color=blue name=tableau pitch=45

Effect :
When clicking on this object a light of type pot will appear with blue color where the source will be pointing down with a 45░ angle and this on all objects named "tableau".

Tip :
You can use HTML color format without the "#" symbole.
For instance, color=red will have the same effect as color=FF0000

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