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• This zone is full, try to build elsewhere

The number of RWX or, even more precise the amount of bytes authorised per zone or cell, is limited in each virtual world.
This limit is higher or lower, depending on if the configuration of the world allows a normal, high or huge density.

When there are too many objects, try to spread them over several zones or cells.
When there is a large number of characters (lots of panels or signs with each a considerable amount of text), try to spread them over several zones or cells as well.
If it is not possible to decrease the amount of text on the signs which are causing too many commands in the same zone action and/or description, use the command name which allows you to interact with the object from distance.

• You are not allowed to build on objects of an other citizen

This message appears when your construction overlaps the construction (build) of an other citizen.
To be sure that this doesn't happen, activate the boundingbox and verify that the borders don't interfere with an other object or space attributed to an other citizen.
Indeed, the boundingbox indicates the real dimensions of the RWX or COB model. An object, even very small looking, can have a boundingbox which is important larger if the object had a wrong centerpoint or when it's not correctly declared in the registry.

If you do not see any other RWX or COB objects but if this message persists, then it's probably an other object which is placed above the ceiling or under the ground, or even an object which has been renderd invisible. Invisible objects will become visible if you select an other object in the same zone or cell.
Tip : To look up or down without to deselect an object, use the icons in te top of your Active Worlds browser.

• Other messages

If you are in tourist (free) mode, several messages to invite you to become a citizen (to register) might be displayed at regular intervals.
These messages are not generated by the world you are visiting, but are Active Worlds Universe messages.

These messages are in general announcements generated by Active Worlds, for example when announcing their monthly newsletter.

In any case, the only message which is generated by the world you are visiting is the welcome message. These can serve different purposes, but in general they will look like "Welcome to MyWorld, you can contact me at the following address"

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