Active Worlds - CORONA Command - lens flare effects

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Function :
This command places a corona over an object. A corona is a transparent image that is placed on the 3D scene on top of an object whenever that object is visible for the visitor.
Although similar in some ways to sprites, they differ in that their size does not vary with distance from the camera, and the entire corona is either visible, or not, depending on whether the corona's source object is currently visible (for example not obscured by any other object).
The primary purpose of coronas is creating a "halogene" effect around local light sources. Note : The use of masks for textures with as purpose to make corona effects can, when desired, help to leave a texture transparent or black.
Here you can find free corona textures available for download .

Use :
corona texture [mask=mask] [size=size] [name=name]

Details :
Mask : when used, apply the alpha mask for transparency to the texture.
Size : rayon size of the desired effect. When no value specified, it will default to 100.
Name : see command name.

Example :
create corona star mask=starm size=80 name=object2

Effect :
Display a corona with a rayon size of 80 by using the texture mystar.jpg with its transparency mask.

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