Tips & Tricks related to building in Active Worlds

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It is possible to duplicate, move etc.. multiple objects at once.
You can select multiple objects at once by holding down the <SHIFT> key during the selection of objects.

You can select all objects within the same area (cell) by holding down the <CTRL> during the selection. Attention, this includes all objects within this area in height and in depth, wether or not they might be within your view distance (you did not see them during the selection).
To locate zones or cells, display the grid by pressing the <F10> key.

Holding down the <ALT> key during building will will move objects only a tenth of a click into the desired direction. Useful for precision adjustments.
You can also drag & drop your selection by keeping the right mouse button pressed.

You can change the orientation of the camera without cancelling your modification in progress by using the appropriate camera icons in the toolbar.

Advice : Make yourself comfortable with the construction window (Object Properties) and test each function of moving objects before before to continue with the next steps.

The FAQ Caretaker Manual is written for caretakers, but you might find precious information which will help you to become a perfect "builder"!

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