Active Worlds - Astart - Astop - Adone Commands

This is an old tutorial. Available updated tutorials :
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Function :
Additional effects to the animate command.

Use :
In combination with the animate command, following the astop; astart [on or off];[adone action]

Details :
Astart on : start the animation and play it in loop
Astart off : start the animation and play it only once
Astop : stop the animation
Adone : when finished, execute specified command (specify the command you wish to execute)

Example : Create animate mask me flower 5 8 700 1 2 1 3 1 4 1 5 , astop;activate astart off;adone visible object2 off

Effect : Identical to the example of the animate command, with an action activate which has as effect to make object named "object2" (with name) invisible as soon as it has been clicked on.

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