Add sign or picture support to your panel.rwx

The sign support allows you to apply a text to your object once in your world with the create sign action, as where the picture support allows you to add an image (web or local) with the create picture action.

Nothing is more easy, it's already enough to add the correct tags to the faces that you want to affect.

Tag 100 for the create sign
Tag 200 for the create picture

You can also combine the two if you would like one of the two faces to be a sign and the other face an anim, but it is not possible to apply both tags to the same face.

See our final RWX with a face sign :

#my first rwx


vertex   -.1   .2   0  UV  0   0   #1
vertex    .1   .2   0  UV  1   0   #2
vertex    .1    0   0  UV  1   1   #3
vertex   -.1    0   0  UV  0   1   #4

surface .5 .3 0
color .71 .51 .9
geometrysampling solid
texturemode foreshorten
lightsampling facet
texture matexture

quad 1 2 3 4   tag 100
quad 4 3 2 1


Once in your Active Worlds virtual world, Create sign in the field Action of your object, combined with Enterance of the castle in the field Description will have for result Enterance of the castle on one of the two faces, visible when looking at the RWX object as well as when passing the mouse pointer over the object (MouseOver).

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