Introduction to RWX files - What is a RWX file ?

It is the extension used for 3 dimensional objects that you see in 3D worlds. Other formats are also supported, like the extensions TrueSpace (.COB) but the extension .RWX remains to be the most used extension.

Unlike other formats, is it possible to open, modify or even to create a RWX with a simple text editor, like Windows notepad.
Therafter the object is compressed into a .zip file which are the .zip files that you see in the download window when visiting a world, if you have pressed <F3> to show this window..

• Introduction to RWX files - Structure of a simple RWX object

A RWX object always starts with


And always ends with


Between those, there are the vertex, the UV, the surface, the color, the geometrical mode, the lightning mode and the triangles/quads.

More information on these commands :


The vertex are defining the position of each point which will then be related between them to form a face.
The geometrical mode is used to define if the object will be full or wireframe.

The UV (also known as UVW in other formats) are defining the texture coordinates in relation to the object. These are only used if the object has a texture and not if only one or several colors are used.

A texture or an image applied to an object which does not contain UV's will look completely deformed.
The surface defines wheter or not and in which way the object will be sensible to the light source(s) in a world.

The faces are forming the object.

As in other languages, you can also add comments to a RWX file. To add a comment, start your line with a # (hash) character.
All lines starting with a hash are ignored.

A comment in a RWX file can be anything you like, with the exception of characters unknown to the standard english ascii set, for instance characters with an accent.

If all this looks very unfamiliar, you will see that it is easier than it looks to create a RWX from A to Z with almost nothing :)

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