Add surface options and texture to your panel.rwx

After the vertex come the definitions that are going to influence the global aspect of the object.
The order in which they are declared is of no importance but it is advised for more clearness to regroup them between the last vertex and the first face.

surface [ambient] [diffuse] [specular]
for example : surface .5 .3 0

The first value defines the intensity of the color environment. The 2nd defines the intensity of its diffusion and the 3rd the intensity of the reflection. For example for a more metallic aspect specify a higher value.

Color RGB [Red] [Green] [Blue] for example : color .71 .51 .9

One can not just apply any RGB color on a RWX. There is indeed a special color mode for these objects. Each value (R, G, B) has to be divided by 255.

This can be a boring task, but we've made a Color conversion table available which shows the colorcode corresponding to RWX format.

GeometrySampling solid or wireframe

The first option is not mandatory since it's already applied by default but if you would prefer a wireframe, choose wireframe.

LightSampling facet or vertex

The lightsampling vertex rounds a bit the corners so that the lightsampling facet stays optimised for cubic objects or the panel that interrests us.

TextureMode foreshorten or foreshorten lit
texture [texture name]
Note : Textures are always in .JPG format, but the extension should not be given.

Even the RWX files that have very well a texture applied will have at the end a texture that pulls a bit if texturemode hasn't been declared in the object.
Texturemode foreshorten for an auto-illumination and foreshorten lit so that the object will take the lightning into account (every world has a pseudo lightning by default to simulate the position of the sun).

This second option is in general nicer rendered in function of your position in relation to the object which will appear either in the sun or in the shade, which gives a more realistic effect.

The texture mode foreshorten remain a plus if we desire an object more bright under all angles, for instance for signs or anims, or for example if we want to hide a RWX object of which the faces are too present. Most avatars present in the Active Worlds Megapath are made in texture mode Foreshorten to express their presence. This benefit also comes with an inconvenience : These avatars do not react to the light source of the world, neither to lamps.

Note : The texture mode foreshorten egals one surface of 1 1 0. (There are of course other texture modes, but again, we limit ourselves here to the basics)

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