Building in Active Worlds virtual worlds

This is an old tutorial. Available updated tutorials :
Active Worlds 4.1 in French Active Worlds 3.6 in Italian

How to build correct in virtual worlds like Active Worlds ?

How to use light sources, how to apply fire effects, flash effects, spot effects, etc... ?

How to manipulate terrain, raise, lower, apply textures, modify, add or remove a texture to a cell ?

How to use commands like Astart Astop Adone in combination with Animate and Frame ?

How to move, rotate, make visible or invisible, solid or non-solid COB or RWX objects ?

You will discover in this manual some of the possibilities which are possible with the Renderware technology used by Active Worlds and by more and more videogame editors around the world.

You will also find detailed information about commands as well as some tips & tricks to enrich your knowledge for building in these virtual worlds.

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