General conditions and legal information

Alterlinks terms of use

• Personal information

Alterlinks conserves provided information during a subscription in a secure database, with exception of your bank information which are at no moment communicated with or stored on our servers.

Your personal information will remain stored in our database as long as you enjoy a subscription to one of Alterlinks services.

When subscribing to our services you accept to receive electronic mails originating from Alterlinks. These mails are not necessarily monthly but rather without given frequence and only concern information related to Alterlinks.

Under no circumstances will your personal information, whole or partial, be provided to third parties.
In agreement with french laws, you have the right to modify your personal information by sending an email to our services (see our "Contacts" page on this website).

Any request for information or modification originating from a different email address than the one used during your subscription will be ignored.
Hence the reason why it's important to inform us when your email address changes, so we can update your information.

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• Data collection

The different Alterlinks websites are collecting connection data for which its sole purpose is generating visitor statistics internally. We conserve these datas 24 hours. None of these informations is distributed nor will be made available to third parties.

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• Cookies - EU Cookie law

The European Community has asked member countries of the European Union to enhance their telecom laws by adding a section on the use of Cookies. Cookies are small files sent to a client's computer. More than 90% of websites use cookies. Alterlinks websites do not use tracking cookies, they may use cookies however to garantee a correct functioning of their services (e.g. session cookies, remembering the used language, ..). The explicite opt-in request is unique and valid for client's configuration. If for instance the client changes or upgrades the webbrowser, the opt-in will be requested again. None the less, if you desire to "opt-out" and prevent SARL Alterlinks of sending any cookies, you may indicate so here. The opt-out remains active untill the client explicitely opts-in again.

Reminder: when you visit a website that does not explictly seek your consent, it doesn't mean they're safe; quite the opposite most likely and they are likely to ignore the law as all EU based websites need to seek explicit consent as of 25 May 2012. We do sincerely apologize for this inconvenience as it does not add much extra value; most recent browsers already had all it takes to garantee the client's privacy.

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• Responsability

Alterlinks will not be held responsable, finacial or in any other way, for interruptions or modifications caused by third parties (eg. by Activeworlds.Inc) to the services or products we offer for which its correct functionning depends on third parties.

Alterlinks reserves the right to suspend or interrupt the offer of certain products or services without justifcation or compensation.

Alterlinks will not be held responsable for incorrect usage of a product or service by their users for any refund or compensation caused by these.

Products and services proposed by Alterlinks are related to several influences (laws, technical aspects, third parties). These might be modified at any moment, Alterlinks will not be held responsable for any refund or compensation caused by these.

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• Maintenance interruptions

To assure the best quality of our services, maintenance might occur to our servers and network at irregular intervals in order to update servers, programs, hardware components, etc... which can lead to a temporary interruption of services during maintenance.
When posible, a message will be published in our discussion forum "Alterlinks informations" to announce maintenance interruptions scheduled or in progress
No compensation can be demanded for temporary maintenance interruptions.

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• Modification of contracts

For several reasons (eg. developpement of, and application of new laws) Alterlinks reserves the right to modify the terms of any contract, already in execution or not.

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• Assistance - Technical Support

Alterlinks assures a free technical support by email and tries to answer all questions within 24h. maximum

Alterlinks does not assure support, technical or not, for any product or service during a trail period, the time a services has been installed untill its facturation has been payed in full for such service.

Any request for information or modification originating from a different email address than used during the subscription will be ignored.

Alterlinks assistance and Technical Support only applies to their products and services and not to products or services from third parties.

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• Publicity distributed by third party companies

We call upon third party companies to distribute publicity announces on our webpages. These third party companies may use data related to your navigation habitudes on this or other webpages (with exclusion of your name, postal address, email address or telephone number) to propose announcements of products or services subject to best match your interrests. To learn more about this practice or about the possibility to deny the use of such data by these third party companies, please click here.

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• Other conditions of usage

The terms and conditions displayed on this page are general.
When clicking "Back to top" followed by "Index" you can access the detailed terms and conditions for the several products and services available at Alterlinks.

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