How to create a transparency mask for a texture used in Active Worlds

Masks have as function to mask partially a texture to give the texture a transparent (invisible) effect, like some GIF's.

No need for an step by step education here, to remember the following information will already do the trick :

  • Take the original texture and duplicate this as base
  • The part that you wish to be transparent has to be black
  • The part you want to be visible has to be white
  • Save in .BMP 1 bit format
  • Name the mask the same as your texture, followed by the letter m
  • Compress your BMP into a .zip and place it along with your texture in the textures directory of your FTP space for your Active World
  • To make the transparent part, open your RWX and at the place of texture mytexture insert texture mytexture mask mytexturem
  • If you want to apply this to other objects once it is in your world (for example to an anim), use : create animate mask me mytexture. 1 1 0
    To give the same name to the texture and to the mask (followed by the letter m) allows to load automatically with the trigger "create animate mask me"

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