Fading two textures with Photoshop Eg : Grass and Snow

In this tutorial, we will make a gradient form a grass texture towards a snow texture, both of 256x256 pixels. You can of course choose any other textures.

• Open both textures in Photoshop

• Select half of the grass texture. in order to do so, click on the selection tool and enter the values in the fields like indicated below

Selection utility    Fixed size

• Feather you selection 30 pixels as shown below

Feather   Feather 30 pixels

• Copy your selection

• Paste it on the snow texture

At this point, the grass part is not correctly aligned :

Before alignement

• Go to the layers menu and align linked left

Align linked

You now have your grass/snow textures faded.
You can drop a shadow on the grass layer to give more relief to it.

Before shadow    After shadow

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