Convert an object COB into RWX file

This guide has been proposed by Sheen, a creator who uses Truespace.
Sheen has participated in the creation of several Active Worlds virtual worlds like for instance Tao.

CobToRwx is a little conversion program to convert Truespace (.COB) files into Renderware (.RWX).
You will find this utility free for download at the Active Worlds website, section Products/Downloads.

It might sometimes be neccesary to convert a COB file into RWX, eventhough I have observed several times that the same object was lighter in .COB as in .RWX.
Both file formats are usable in AW but the modification of certain commentary lines is more easy in RWX.

How to use cobtorwx :

  • Install or copy the program to the disk of your choice ( I've used disk C ), into a directory which you've named for example "outils3d"

  • Run the program from DOS, to do so click "Start/programs/MS-DOS Commands" or "Start/Run/CMD"

  • A black window will appear with as last line a command like "C:\Windows" or "C:\>"
    You will need to position yourself in the directory where the program "cobtorwx" is located.
    You may do so by typing the command : "CD \outils3d" followed by <ENTER>.
    You are now in the directory "C:\outils3d"

  • Type the following command to convert your COB file into RWX :
    cobtorwx E:\truespace\objects\gitar.cob
    cobtorwx - command given for conversion
    "E:\" - the disk where I've installed Truespace
    "truespace" - the directory where Truespace has been installed
    "objects" - subdirectory in which my objects are saved
    "gitar.cob" - is the object in COB format to be converted into RWX

Once this command has been entered correctly ( careful not to forget anything, respect the correct syntax (spaces) or it won't work ), which might be different than my example, based upon where you've installed Truespace.
The only thing left is to press <ENTER> to start the conversion.

The new file will be saved with the same name as the COB object which has been converted, in this example "gitar.rwx".
There are other conversion options which might be used but which I never use myself, a help file written in english is included with the utility which explains the other options.

Good to know :
If you only enter the command "cobtorwx" certain conversion options will be displayed.
One unity Truespace equals 10m in AW.

After these brief explanations, which I hope where understandable, I think you will soon also be "converted" to this simple and fast program of which a big benefit is that it doesn't touch/modify the original COB file and preserves all original characteristics. (which might sometimes happen with other conversion programs).

Best regards,


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