Convert a 3DS file to .RWX format

One of the most easy ways is to use a small program of 40Kb called 3dsToRwx which you will find at the official Active Worlds website, section Products/Downloads. You will also need to download dos4GW.

Preparation :

It is important to create your models using the correct scale in order to prevent additional resizing manipulations afterwards.
In most 3D programs, 1 unity equals 10 meters once in AW (OW, aso..), perform a test with a floor of 1x1 and test the result to make sure about the scale.
It is also important to create your object in the center and posed on the floor (with the exception of avatars for with the vertical center is located at the level of the eyes).
When saving (or exporting) a 3DS file, make sure not to have any groups but only one or several seperate objects.
Finally, choose a name for your object of 8 characters length or less, the maximum authorised by 3dsToRwx (DOS 8.3 format).

How it works ?

In this example we're going to convert "table.3ds", located in "C:\my3D".
Copy 3dsToRwx and Dos4GW to "C:\my3D".
Copy "table.3ds" to the same directory.
Start a MS-DOS session : Start/Run" and enter "cmd" followed by <ENTER>.
In the opened MS-DOS window, type "cd \my3D" followed by <ENTER>.
To convert, you need to enter 3dsToRwx followed by the choosen options and the filename (without extension)
When only typing the command "3dsToRwx" followed by <ENTER>, certain options will be displayed.
The most often used options are :
-h - Generate hierarchical model
-n[scale] - Normalise output[output scale factor(default 1.0)]
-c - Centre output on origin.
-p - Use Prototypes in output file
-s - Split file into component parts
-t - Include Textures in output
-N   conserves the original scale in which the model has been constructed.

-H   generates hierarchical model, only useful when converting avatars, under condition that this has been used during the modelisation of course.

-C   place the axis of the object in its center.

-P   divide each object in protobegin-protoend (prototypes)

-S   divides the saved or exported objects of one 3DS file into seperated objects. The result will give "object0.rwx" "object1.rwx" object2.rwx" aso...

-T   conserves the way how textures were applied to the object.

Conversion :

Following our example, to convert "table3ds" into RWX format while conserving the original scale and textures, you can use the command :

3dstorwx -N -T table

A new file "table.rwx" will be created in the directory "C:\my3D"

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