How to make a cloud texture with Photoshop compatible with Active Worlds

• Start Photoshop and start with defining the two dominating colors of your texture. In our example we have used white and blue.

Colors clouds

• Create a new document RGB of 256 by 256 pixels with for instance a white background.

• Apply a first time the clouds filter.

Clouds filter

At this moment you should have an image similar as shown below :

After clouds filter

• Apply now the filter Difference clouds. This filter is located just below the clouds filter (indicated in screenshot above) and press <CTRL> + <F> untill the result is as desired (<CTRL> + <F> repeats last action).

The result shown below has been obtained after two times Difference clouds.
If you find your texture to be too fade, you can apply an Auto colors in order to give your texture more peps.

Auto colors

And there you are, you have obtained in just several minutes a seamless clouds texture.
The two images below are showing the result before and after Auto colors :

Before Auto colors   After Auto colors

The obtained image might look very nice, but for Active Worlds, Outer worlds or any other virtual worlds universe, you will need a transparency mask - mask - to go with it if you were counting on using these textures in the "Cloud layer" options.

See also how to make a mask for your cloud textures.

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