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• How to move around in Active Worlds

The teleport options allow to move directly from one point to an other, as well between two points within the same world as from points between worlds. Star Trek fans will directly recognize what this feature does ;-)

Join instantaneously a position Teleportation within the same world or to an other world
To move yourself from one virtual world to another or simply between two points within the same virtual world, click on Teleport/To. If you wish to move between two points within the same virtual world, only enter the coordinates in the second field.
Between worlds, enter the destination worldname in the first field.
When leaving the field "Position" empty, you'll arrive at the standard entry point of the destination world, wheter the destination world is the world where you are currently in or a different world of which you have specified its name in the first field.

Setting your entry point in Active Worlds Return to your entry point in Active Worlds Bookmark a location in Active Worlds
Setting your default entry point in Active Worlds upon each startup of your browser Allows you to return to your default entry point set in "Make this my home" Allows to bookmark a place to return to at a later time with one simple mouseclick

Bookmarking is accessible as shown above as well as with a right mousebutton click on an empty space within the teleport tab.
In both cases the following window will be displayed :

Bookmark a place in Active Worlds

You will now have your bookmark available in the Teleport tab.
To join a bookmarked location, just click on the entry.
When right-clicking in this window, or either at an empty spot or either at a bookmarked entry, you will have several options :

Teleport options

When clicking at "Atteindre" (go to) in the contextual menu, you can obtain the exact coordinates of the bookmarked point, orientation and height included.

Note : your different bookmarks are saved in a textfile named teleport.txt located at the root of your Active Worlds browser installation directory.

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