Telegrams in Active Worlds

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• Telegrams in Active Worlds

Only accessable in citizen mode.

When you receive a telegram, you will be advertised by a red message displayed in the chat.

You have mail

To read a received telegram, go to the corresponding tab (telegrams from the left menu) and click on the alias name of the author of the message. Telegrams which have not yet been read are marked with a little red star in the telegrams tab.

How to read received telegrams

The contents of the message will be displayed in red in the chat window, prefixed by the date and time it has been sent and the name of the author.

Display of telegrams in chat

Right-click with the mouse on the alias name of the author of the telegram to create a reply telegram.

How to reply to a received telegram

This will open the telegram editing window.

Sending a telegram

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