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• Active Worlds and security

Like as almost anywhere on the Internet, Active Worlds knows from time to time some visitors with bad intensions. They're after new visitors who're not aware neither informed about the information below :


When purchasing your account with Alterlinks (official Active Worlds distributor in Europe) your bank information is not exchanged with our servers and aren't saved. Your informations aren't known to any staff member of our team, but are exchanged directly with the bank using the secured SSL protocol.

You can purchase in all security your citizen account at this address


You should NOT under any circumstances communicate your citizen password, neither the password of your e-mail account configured in your citizen options.
Indeed, it will be this address where Active Worlds will automatically send you your password in case it got lost. To retrieve your password click on the button "I Forgot" of the authentication screen (login).

Retrieve your citizen password

Some might not hesitate to present themselves as Active Worlds staff or even a person working for your hosting service if you have one, it is enough to remember yourself that your password does not need to be communicated with others, and besides, Active Worlds staff themselves already have your password, they will not ask you for it.


If you are in a situation where you had to change your e-mail address, do not forget to also update your address in the citizen options, because once your password lost, you will have no other way to retrieve it.


Other advised protection methods are to use a password more difficult to guess than your first name or date of birth and use a different password for your "privileged" option.


Like as when visiting a website, it is possible to find files available for download in worlds. Make sure that these files can be opened without risk (virus), in special when the files are executable (.exe).

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