Keyboard shortcuts

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Active Worlds 4.1 in English Active Worlds 4.1 in French

• Active Worlds default keyboard shortcuts

<F1>display the Active Worlds basic help (english)

<F2> display or hide the visibility

<F3>display or hide the files in progress of downloading (or refreshment)

<F4> display or hide the download speed

<F5> display or hide the altitude

<F6> refresh the currently displayed webpage

<F7> display or hide the integrated webpage viewer

<F8> display or hide whisper field

<F9> display or hide the left menus (full screen mode)

<F10> display or hide the grid

<F11> display or hide your current coordinates

<PageUp> look up one position per key press

<PageDown> look down one position per key press

<End> change into camera mode and change the viewdistance per key press

<Home> cancel/end camera mode

<CTRL> + <ENTER> Carriage Return in most fields as where <ENTER> by itself would have validated the current operation

The shortcuts related to navigation, camera mode, mouse, aso... can be personalized here :

Personalisation of Active Worlds keyboard shortcuts

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