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Performances tab

Refresh rate expressed in images per seconde :
Try several settings to discover the rate which corresponds best to the performances of your computer's videocard.

Not below the :
Minimum visibility (sight distance) desired, expressed in meters.

See all avatars :
Display all avatars present within your sight or only display the first listed avatar independant of the people around you. This allows to ease the number of 3D calculations for less performant processors, especially within worlds with a high number of visitors.

See the actions :
Display or not the avatar animations. When unchecked, the avatars will remain static, for the same reason as indicated above.

Texture mipmaps :
When unchecked, you lower the resolution of the textures. If the benefit at level of requested resources from your computer seems clear, it should be noted that on the other hand this often results in blur rendered textures, in particular for the scenes in the foreground.
"Mipmaps" doesn't rendre all pixels of a texture but skips some. Unless you prefer blur textures, we advise to only use this option in the most extreme case where your computer is very tired !

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